The project
Come4 - Porn with heart.
Why do you donate money to good causes? The good feeling you have when you do something to help people in need? What about Its the same feeling, and you get porn aswell! What more could you want?
“Sex” is the top word searched on Internet.  With nearly 100 Billion $ of yearly revenue, the porn industry is one of the biggest markets online. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least ethical and transparent ones. Many people consuming free pornography think that the only risk they may run is that of being discovered by others. This idea, however, is not just naïve, but also wrong, for the current model of consuming online sexual contents has many negative implications for all of us.
First, it constantly threatens our rights as consumers. As you know, people consuming free porn are often exploited in a way that would be intolerable in other contexts. Have you ever received an “enlarge-your-penis email?”
Second, the prevailing model is a business model, and thus it naturally and systematically aims at subjugating our sexual imagination to marketing standards.
As television (Baywatch) and history (Churches) remind us, sex is one of the most powerful tools utilized to alter and control people’s minds and behavior. Today the porn industry has an unchallenged power to decide which content should be available online. As a result, instead of reflecting the natural plurality of human, sexuality online pornography fosters a one-dimensional perspective that is often fake, violent, macho-centered, and in many cases barely legal.
We believe that we, as a self-aware community, can do better than this, and that the time has come to critically rethink the relationship between on-line pornography and society.
Imagine for one second that 1% of the total revenue derived from this gigantic market was being used to support charitable and ethically driven causes; then think about 50%! Provided no one is harmed and that everything is legal, is there any reason why part of these revenues cannot be used for better ends?