• 1. Are you kidding me :) ?
Though this question is usually the first reaction we face as we present our project. With Come4, however, we want to address serious theoretical, social and political issues, including people’ negative right to freedom of expression and privacy, the relation between Internet and people’ sexuality, and the necessity of a critical, global reflection on the impact, role and ethics behind today on-line pornography.
  • 2. What do you mean with the word 'pornography'?
The word “pornography” is an umbrella term covering many diverse, partially overlapping, and sometimes conflicting meanings. According to some, this term comes already loaded with a value-laden, mostly negative, connotation. In research and legal contexts, however, pornography is neutrally defined as “any media representing sexually explicit contents aimed at the erotic arousal in consentient viewers”. Throughout our texts, we intend the term “pornography” only in this latter, value-neutral, sense.
  • 3. Is pornography intrinsically bad?
There are two ways of answering to this question: one short and one longer. The short answer is No: pornography is not something intrinsically bad. The longer answer, instead, starts by noting that pornography represents a crucial issue for, at least, sociology, psychology, ethics, politics, and philosophy. Consequently, in the past years the debate over the nature and implications of pornography has received a great deal of professionalized, academic, and public attention. Several governmental commissions, scientific studies, and scholars have debated over the nature of pornography. Here we provide just a few punctual replies to the most common doubts about pornography. For a more articulated theoretical defense of our project, please visit #pitch section; there you will find extended explanations, useful links and other resources.
  • 4. Nobody will use the money of porn to finance causes!
Wrong. We are aware that pornography is a sensible topic, and we acknowledge that it is entirely within people right of free choice to judge it as something personally offensive, and to refuse any contact with it. Hence, people and organizations that do not want to receive our support are encouraged to state clearly their policy about such kind of donations. However, many others are more than willing to accept the money and support of Come4, and we plan to select carefully our initiative. See below for a great example.
  • 6. What kind of causes do you plan to support?
We are still reflecting on which is the best way to provide a good answer to this question. Our current idea, however, is that, ideally, Come4 ought to integrate or mix three diverse stances when it comes to the selection of the fundable causes: (a) culturally provocative initiatives that raise public awareness about people sexual rights (and their violations), (b) highly cost-effective initiatives selected according to the best standard of evidence, like supporting the “Against Malaria Foundation” (AMF) againstmalaria as suggested by independent, third-party organizations like givewell ; (c) causes that people belonging to the Come4 community think are valuable and thus deserve our support and fundings.
  • 7. Is funding charity with pornography morally problematic in the same way as it would be to fund charity with, say, the profits of drugs or weapons?
No. The equation between pornography and, say, heavy drugs (such as cocaine and heroin), or fire weapons, is wrong and misplaced. In fact, the analogy holds only if at the outset by “pornography” it is meant something intrinsically “bad”, harmful or morally worrisome. As we specified above, however, this is not how we intent this word; nor is this the way in which the term is correctly used within scientific and legal contexts. If you would like to know more on this crucial issue, please refer to the brief essay entitled “What is wrong in using pornography to fund charitable project?” that you can freely download from our #pitch section. There you will find a sketch of our minimal liberal defense of pornography, as well as an evidence-based approach that dispel the myth that legally produced and consumed pornography is something socially harmful.
  • 8. How does it work? How do you generate profits to fund charitable projects?
The mechanism behind Come4 is quite simple. After becoming a user, people can enjoy high-quality sexually explicit contents, ranging from amateur movies to more sophisticated erotic footages, completely for free. Alternatively, users can upload their own contents. In difference with other xxx sites, however, on Come4 every uploaded contents gets associated with a particular “cause” from those supported by the site (more about this below). Then, professionals, porn-stars, sex-toys producers, sexy shops, etc. can either upload their own sponsored videos, or purchase banners and/or advertising spaces at the beginning/end of other uploaded videos. Each time an advertisement is viewed, it automatically generates revenues for its associated cause.
  • 9. When is Come4 expected to become operative?
We are already at work! If our funding campaign succeeds, we estimate that by the start of 2013 we should be ready to lunch the new sexual revolution 2.0!
  • 10. Can I invest money in Come4?
Sure. If you like our idea, please support us on Ulule.com. The success of this funding campaign is critical in our future plans. But if you prefer other forms of funding us write us a line.
  • 11. I like your project! Can I help you?
Sure. Besides donating money on Ulule.com, you can help Come4 in many other ways. The most important one is to spread the word. If you anyone that might be interested in posting her/his/it material on our site, then let her/him/it know about us. Likewise, if you know someone who might be interested to submit a provocative cause to be founded by Come4, do not hesitate to suggest us as a potential source for funding. Furthermore, you can support us by liking or subscribe to our pages and profiles on the main social networks. Finally, if you have any skill that you think might be useful to our project, let us know about it. For Come4 people are the end, not money.
  • 12. How can I stay informed about your project?
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Our ethical pledge
Come4.org is a disruptive initiative grounded on following fundamental values:
  • Freedom of Expression
  • Solidarity
  • Transparency
To embody these values, Come4.org is committed to the following code of ethics:
1. Respect of the user
We love our users! For this reason, Come4.org is committed to avoid:
  • any form of spam (no “enlarge your penis” email!), javascript catchers, blind links, redirector scripts/chain or malware;
  • offensive and visually aggressive forms of advertisement; and to guarantee:
    • the privacy of all users, and anonymity to those who explicitly request it
    • complete freedom of expression in conformity to what is stated at point (2)
2. Respect for the quality of contents
We believe that there is nothing wrong in what we do in so far as everything is kept legal! For this reason, on Come4.org you will NOT find:
  • sexually explicit contents directly referring to children, underage persons, and animals; acts that can be described as involving violence and coercion and that are not the result of a clear, explicit and free exercise of individual freedom and autonomy; contents that to our judgment refer indirectly to subjects belonging to above categories in inappropriate ways (e.g. 18+ persons clothed as young children; fictional cases of coercive torture, rape and gratuitous violence in general without explicit prior consensus);
  • contents that violate other’s copyright;
  • but you can expect us to carefully check what is on-line, and to promptly intervene in removing contents that violates our ethical guidelines.
3. Respect for your donations and our mission.
We love to aid others, and we want to do it properly! For this reason Come4.org is committed to:
  • Undergo a rigorous process of selection of the causes/initiatives that will receive our Come4.org money. In particular, we will select only those initiatives that we think might have a real impact either on public opinion or that are recommended on scientific criteria by independent organizations for their cost-effectiveness (e.g. givewell, givewhatwecan othelifeyoucansave);
  • Donate ALL the money to the selected causes. We are a no-profit initiative, and this means that we will reinvest EVERYTHIG in causes; of course minus the costs that we will sustain to launch and maintain our service active (servers, personnel, legal and administrative costs, etc.).
  • a 100% transparent management of all funds; this includes not only the full documentation about how raised money has been spent, but also the public documentation of its finale impact by the means of video or written reports.
  • publish a periodic, analytic, clear report detailing all the economic initiatives related to the activities of Come4.org;
  • apply and obtain after the first year of activity an independent certification of economic transparency by an third-party independent agency.